Surveyor User Guide

Get up and running quickly with Surveyor. You can be sending surveys in less than 5 minutes!

Click to download the User Guide (PDF)

Quick Start

Install Surveyor in your Salesforce org

After clicking you'll be asked to log into the org where Surveyor should be installed.

Install Surveyor in Production (free 30 day trial)
  • Click on the button to install in Production or a Sandbox
  • You'll be prompted to log into the Org where Surveyor should be installed
  • Follow the steps to complete the installation

NOTE: We recommend to Install for System Admin user only (others can be easily added later)

Set up Internal Users

Setup > Installed Packages > Manage Licenses

Visit Installed Packages and browse to Surveyor. Click on the "Manage Licenses" to assign the correct users a license.

User > Permission Set(s)

Internal Users can have 3 levels of access:

  • Survey Viewer
  • Survey Sender
  • Survey Creator

For each user with a license browse to the User record and add the appropriate Permission Set(s).

NOTE: Each Permission Set builds on each other. For instance, if a user will Create, Send and View surveys, all permission sets would be added to the user.

Surveyor Setup Tool

Browse to the Surveyor App >> Surveyor Setup Tool to complete the setup requirements.

Surveyor uses a Salesforce Site for the surveys to be completed and the Survey Setup Tool completes the setup and configuration of this Site.

Click each button to complete the step:

  • Create Remote Site (not shown here). Will see this when clicking on the Setup Page
  • Create Surveyor Site
  • Configure Surveyor Site
  • Configure Recipient Permissions
  • Configure Sharing Rules
  • Verify Configuration

Configure Page Layouts

Contact "Send Survey" Lightning Action

This section identifies how to add the "Send Survey" Lightning Action to a Contact. The same steps can be followed to add the Action to a Lead, Case or Opportunity page layout.

For steps to add the button for Salesforce Classic, download the detailed user guide by clicking the button above.

Setup > Object Manager > Contact > Page Layouts

For each Page Layout that requires the ability to send surveys:

  • Click "Mobile & Lightning Actions"
  • Select the "Send Survey" Action
  • Drag it to the desired location in the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Actions section

NOTE: There is a deprecated Action as well. Be sure to use the Action named "Contact.surveyor__Send_Customer_Survey_Contact"