Recent Releases & Release Notes

Find the high-level features included with each release and download the specific release notes.

May 2021

The primary features included in the May 2021 (Summer 2021) release include:

  • Community Lightning Component allowing surveys to displayed within a Community
  • Include dynamic data in the Survey Invitation Email Subject
  • Include dynamic data in Survey Questions and Welcome Page
  • Set limits on the number of times a survey can be completed
  • Allow already started surveys to start where they left off
  • Ability to define notifications for when a survey is completed
  • Improved design on the Mass Send of emails
  • Additional pricing model to allow for unlimited users with payment based on surveys completed
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February 2021

The primary features included in the February 2021 release include:

  • Automate Survey Followup
  • Anonymous Survey Type
  • Improved Survey Invitations
  • Improved Contact/Lead Survey Visibility
  • Summarized Account Survey Visibility
  • Support for Multiple Exit Pages
  • Testimonial Request Enhancement*
  • Survey Question Enhancements (Clone & Insert New)

*The November 2020 release included Conditional Logic for all questions including testimonial requests. The February 2021 release removes the original Testimonial logic. Surveys using the original testimonial request will require an update to utilize the Conditional Logic.

November 2020

The primary features included in the August 2020 release include:

  • Salesforce Spring '21 Release Support
  • Conditional Question Logic
  • Cloning Surveys
  • New Question Types (CSAT, CES, Like/Dislike)
  • Additional "Send Survey" Options (Display Link, Complete on Behalf of)
  • Improved Survey Display Formatting
  • Ability for Surveyor Recipient to Unsubscribe

August 2020

The primary features included in the August 2020 release include:

  • Lightning Web Components (LWC) Conversion
  • Surveyor Setup Tool
  • Survey Invitation - Added Rich Text
  • Survey Responses Captured when Question is Answered
  • Contact & Lead Lightning Component
  • Survey Question Spotlight