Create, Send and View Survey Results in Salesforce

Create Surveys

Install the app and set it up in 5 clicks - we're not kidding. In 5 minutes you'll have your first survey created and ready to send out.

Send Surveys

Sending surveys can be done by agents (1 at a time), by management (up to 5,000 at a time), or via automation (following any event in Salesforce).

View Results

Survey responses are IMMEDIATELY captured in Salesforce and related to the Contact, Lead, Case, or other record. This is a HUGE win over other surveying apps.

Surveyor Overview.

Simple and powerful surveys in Salesforce.

Featured Features

Native to Salesforce

Surveyor is built 100% on This means that surveys can be sent out based on ANY action.

Another benefit is that survey results are immediately available in Salesforce AND related to the contact, lead, case or ANY other record you'd like.

Automated Surveys

Surveys can be sent manually if needed but the real power of Surveyor is automating the survey process.

Use's Process Builder to automatically send surveys, follow up on uncompleted surveys, notify staff of poor survey results and more. There is no limit to what you can do.

Survey Results

Survey results are immediately captures in Salesforce and related to the survey taker. Results can be viewed in Surveyor's Results Summary page, a Dashboard or from the Lead, Contact, Case, etc. object.

Online Reviews

Surveyor allows you to include logic to identify happy customers and ask only them for a testimonial.

And, if a testimonial is provided, request an online review. This feature pays huge dividends by increasing your online review and improving search results.

Automated Followup

Define a schedule for survey follow up. If a survey hasn't been started in 3 days, send a follow up.

If the survey hasn't been completed in a week, send another follow up request

Dynamic Data in Questions

Personalize your surveys to ask about specific events or people. Insert data from the Case, Opportunity, Contact or other objects.

For instance, rather than asking, "How would you rate the support from your customer support specialist?" you can ask, "How would you rate the support John Smith provided?"

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1. Where do I log into Surveyor?

Surveyor is native to Salesforce and can be accessed with your standard Salesforce Login.

2. Is there a limit to the number of surveys responses?

There is no limit to the number of surveys that can be created OR the number of survey responses that can be received.

Surveyor is not priced on the number of survey responses.

3. What type of automation is available?

You have full access to Salesforce automation. Generally speaking, if you can think of it, Salesforce and Surveyor can provide it. A simple example is a case being closed generating a CSAT survey invitation.

4. How long does it take for survey responses to be available?

Survey responses are available in Salesforce immediately. You will love watching them come in.

5. What types of surveys are available?

Survey types include; Standard, One-Page, Live Agent, Lead Gen, Anonymous. All survey types but Anonymous have results related to the contact or lead who took the survey.

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