Surveyor Case Studies

Browse how companies are using the combination of Salesforce and Surveyor to make huge improvements in the customer outreach and internal business processes.

Salus Homecare

Uses Surveyor to improve patient care provided by their 700+ in-home employees.

Salus Homecare provides in home care to elderly patients throughout the western United States. The care includes home care, home health and hospice. They have roughly 800 employees and the vast majority of these are in-home care providers.

Based on the high level of care required, Salus needed a way to ensure their employees were providing a highest level of care to their patients.

The Challenge

The difficulty in standard patient outreach had stopped their previous attempts. Their options were to pay for a costly integration between Salesforce and the survey tool OR handle the integration manually.

Integration cost more than the Survey tool itself and relating the survey responses to the survey taker or patient was not included.

Manual integration required pulling patient email addresses from Salesforce and loading them to the survey tool. Survey results would come into the survey tool and need to be manually matched to their patients back in Salesforce.

Either option also meant that visibility to survey results required additional manual effort to ensure the results were correctly migrated back into Salesforce.

They needed the ability to:

Manage surveys from Salesforce - their source of patient data.

Get actionable patient feedback on employee performance?

Provide visibility to survey results within Salesforce

The Solution

Salus found the solution with Surveyor. Surveyor is built on Salesforce which allowed Salus to automate the sending of surveys from Salesforce and have all results IMMEDIATELY - and related to the correct patient/employee. They were able to automatically send a survey based on a schedule (IE. 5 days after onboarding) or an action (at discharge).

With Surveyor, Salus was able to:

  • Automatically send surveys to patients and/or the patient’s responsible party throughout care and after discharge with results being automatically available in Salesforce
  • Identify satisfied patients and requests a testimonial / online review from them, and only them
  • View survey results in Salesforce - including the related patient and employee providing care
  • Act on low survey scores by notifying the CEO who reached out directly to the employee with a low score (it didn’t take long to see results)

One Unexpected Feature created HUGE Value

Salus found that another feature of Surveyor fit a need they didn’t know they had. With Surveyor they were able to identify happy patients and request a testimonial. When a testimonial was received they were also able to direct the person to leave an online review at Google Places.

  • Customer Testimonials. When a testimonial was received it triggered an internal review (in Salesforce) to verify and approve. On approval, the testimonial is added to Salus’ website.
  • Google Places Reviews. Salus used the Surveyor “referral” feature to request an online review from patients who provided a testimonial. Surveyor placed their happy patients on the “front door” of Google Places to make it easy to leave a positive review.

The combination of a constantly updated website through testimonials being added and a high number of positive Google Place’s reviews place Salus at the top of local search ranking without spending a dime on Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Unity 3D

Surveyor allows Unity to automate their game developer registration process.

One of Unity 3D’s services is an online gaming platform that provides a way for developers to build and release games. To begin working with Unity, game developers must complete a registration process and ultimately be approved. This registration process includes providing a good amount of information about themselves, games developed and the success of games on other platforms.

Based on the results of the first set of information, additional information may be requested.

The Challenge

Originally, Unity sent a Word document for developers to provide the required information. When it was completed they would send it back where Unity would parse for important bits and determine if additional information was needed - and, if so, send another request for more information.

As the use of Unity’s platform continued to grow they outgrew the Word document approach but never found a way to integrate the process into Salesforce.

No matter how they got the data, the end result was always to rekey the information into Salesforce.

They needed the ability to:

Get game developer information into Salesforce.

Automate the data capture and the “next step”

Move “approved” developers into the partner model in Salesforce

The Solution

Unity used a couple features within Surveyor to accomplish this need. The first is a “Lead Gen” survey which acts as an online form for interested developers to submit the initial application. This feature first creates a Lead and attaches the survey results to it.

With the initial information in Salesforce they were able to automate the following “data requests” through Surveyor by sending a survey to the newly created Lead when needed.

With Surveyor, Unity was able to:

  • Remove all manual effort around the partnership process
  • Capture interested developers in Salesforce
  • Automate developer application follow up
  • Notify internal employees when review was required

As a result, Unity is on the front foot of managing their game developer community. There is no more lost time managing a manual process which has increased employee productivity. With Surveyor, Unity has access to all existing Salesforce automation as well which allows them to easily modify the process when requirements change.

Another Benefit

Unity also found additional processes where Surveyor can provide additional functionality to Salesforce. One example is the credit check process which, like the developer registration, includes gathering information from the client for review and approval within Salesforce.