Complete survey management within Salesforce.com

Define and manage surveys completely within Salesforce AND all responses are automatically captured in Salesforce - NO more paying to get survey responses into Salesforce


Easy Survey Creation

Easily create and manage surveys in Salesforce

Manage surveys where your contacts, customers and leads exist. Tie responses directly to the contact or lead.

  • Create a survey for each scenario... case resolution (on time), case resolution (late), etc.
  • Trigger a survey to be sent from ANY action in Salesforce
  • Bulk send surveys to contacts and leads

Send Surveys Manually

Allow employees to send a survey after a positive action with the customer

Manually send survey from Lead, Contact, Case, or Opportunity records

  • Manually send survey requests
  • Create a survey for each scenario (IE. Case resolved on-time, Case resolved late, etc.)

Send Surveys Automatically

Send surveys automatically

There is no limit to what can trigger an automated survey to be sent

  • Automate through Process Builder
  • Automate through Workflow
  • Automate through trigger
  • There is no limit to automating survey sent

Actionable Survey Responses

Automate actions within Salesforce based on a survey response

Surveyor includes the power of Salesforce automation. Define automated actions based on survey response(s). Negative, positive or informational

  • Survey responses are all saved in Salesforce (no need to pay extra for Salesforce integration)
  • IE. Trigger immediate follow up for a low NPS score
  • IE. Notify the customer retention team on low score
  • IE. Notify marketing when a testimonial is received

Improve SEO

Let happy customers improve your organization SEO

Include logic in surveys to identify happy customers and request a testimonial from them. If a testimonial is provided, request they provide an online referral as well.

  • Automate the review and posting of testimonials to your company website
  • Improve SEO by guiding happy customers to leave online reviews at your organizations social sites (Google Places, G2 Crowd, Yelp, Bing Places, etc.)

Real-time Survey Response Visibility

See the state of your contacts and leads at a glance

Real-time insight to your customers and leads

  • Ability to create a running “score” based on responses over time
  • Flag contacts and leads based on survey response
  • Give your sales and customer support reps real-time visibility to customer and lead state of mind

Survey Types

Support for multiple types of surveys

Flexibility to create everything from standard to lead gen surveys. Surveyor also allows for logic of when to ask for a testimonial and online referral

  • Standard survey
  • Lead gen survey
  • Logic to request a testimonial
  • Logic to request online referral

Customize Survey Email

Define an email template for each survey

Create an email template for each survey with the ability to:

  • Personalize with Lead, Contact, Account values
  • Embed a survey question
  • Preview Email before sending

Survey Questions

Support for multiple types of survey questions

Capture exactly what you need with the varied question types in Surveyor

  • Multiple Choice
  • Rating
  • Short Answer
  • Picklist
  • Ranking
  • Net Promotor
  • Testimonial Request

No Extra Costs

All responses available in Salesforce at NO EXTRA CHARGE

Other solutions include costly integrations to get survey responses into Salesforce. With Surveyor, all responses are available within Salesforce

  • Unlimited surveys for all surveying needs
  • All responses saved into Salesforce immediately
  • No need to pay for integration into Salesforce - Save thousands yearly

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