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We're a team of problem solvers specializing in Salesforce.com and Survey Management

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Management Experts.

We provide Surveyor to make managing surveys and acting on survey responses easy and convenient, but we understand that not everyone has the resources, time or expertise to craft and implement a Survey strategy.

Our team of in-house survey experts can work with you to carefully evaluate your goals and provide solutions.

  • Surveyor Setup

  • Survey send automations

  • Survey response automations

Our Services

Surveyor Setup

Surveyor works with standard Salesforce components including a public “site” customers will use to take the survey and email templates that will be sent to the customer. For organizations who want a quick setup, we offer a one-time install and setup of Surveyor within your organization.

  • Sites setup

    Create a Salesforce public site that will be used to host surveys
  • Email Templates

    Define email templates that will be used to request surveys from leads and customers.

Custom Surveyor Solutions

If you require something the Surveyor currently lacks, we can leverage the baseline functionality of Surveyor to build a tailored solution to your needs.

Surveyor Customizations

If Sureyor isn't a perfect fit for your organization, there's a good chance that your needs could be met with a customized version of the app. Our solution experts will work with your to understand your survey needs and determine the best approach.

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