Automate surveys and make responses actionable in Salesforce.com

Automate everything from sending surveys, outreach based on survey responses, facilitating online references and more.
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Survey responses & Follow Up in Real-time

Send surveys manually or automatically

Create rules in Salesforce to automatically send surveys when an action is completed (IE. case closed).

Capture survey responses directly in Salesforce

All responses are available at the contact, lead, case, opportunity, etc. at NO EXTRA CHARGE. Save thousands.

Act on survey responses immediately

Survey responses that fall outside an acceptable range can trigger immediate action within Salesforce.

Create surveys specific to your needs

Surveyor allows for an endless number of surveys that are specific to your needs.

  • NPS (Net Promotor Score)
  • Survey with social reference prompt
  • Lead Gen
  • Contact, Lead, Case or Opportunity specific

All-in-One Survey Management

  • Easily create surveys within Salesforce
  • Automate survey requests
  • Survey and responses stored in Salesorce
  • Unlimited surveys for specific needs
  • Roll up survey responses lead or contact
  • Native to Salesforce – no need to pay for integration
  • Multiple types of surveys
  • – Standard
  • – Lead Generation
  • – SEO
  • – NPS
  • Automation based on response(s)
  • Real-time reporting and dashboards
  • Logic to request testimonials only from happy customers

Created with you in Mind

What’s unique about Surveyor is that it provides a best in class survey solution within Salesforce.com. Other applications are great at creating and managing surveys outside of Salesforce but they require a costly integration to bring responses into Salesforce – and the response data brought in is not workable. Surveyor captures responses directly on the lead, contact, case, etc. AND allows for automation around them.


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